Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here you will find answers to common questions about Backup4Sure. If you have a question that is not addressed in this list, please send an email to and we will respond as soon as possible.

Using Backup4Sure


Does Backup4Sure run on Windows XP?

Yes. Both editions of Backup4Sure have been tested with Windows XP.

Does Backup4Sure run on Windows NT?

Backup4Sure runs on Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000, but not on Windows NT 3.1

What kind of compression does Backup4Sure use?

Backup4Sure uses the common ZIP format and all backups created in this format can be read by popular programs such as PKZip, WinZip, and others.

Can I use Backup4Sure to backup my entire disk?

Backup4Sure is mainly designed to backup your important files and folders. It can also be used to backup software directories. However, you should keep in mind that it does not backup files that are in use. If files like this are detected, they will be added to the backup log files, and you will need to backup these through other means.

If you backup the entire hard disk, some files in the Windows directory, such as the registry will not be backed up. You should use the specially designed system program to backup these files.

Can Backup4Sure span backups across multiple disks?

Yes. Backup4Sure will span all ZIP backups to multiple floppy disks as needed. You can even span across multiple CD-R/CD-RW discs with the Standard Edition!

Does Backup4Sure do incremental and complete backups?

Yes. When backing up to a folder, Backup4Sure can optionally check the date and time of modification and size of files already in the destination folder with those in the source folder and determine whether they need to be backed up.

With ZIP backups, you can specify whether you would like a ZIP backup to be performed if the source files have not changed since the previous backup.

Can I create backups by date and does Backup4Sure have version control?

With Backup4Sure, you can backup to a different location depending on the date and time of the backup so that you can keep multiple versions of your backups.

For example, if you backup to a folder, you may tell Backup4Sure to create a subdirectory with the date and time of the backup and thus keep multiple versions. So, in other words, a directory such as [Your_chosen_destination_folder]\backupname - 12.23.2001 4:42:13 PM\" will be created and all source files will be backed up there.

Similarly for ZIP backups, you can configure Backup4Sure to create files such as "mybackup - 12.23.2001 3:24:25". You can also specify how many files like this to keep so that your backups don't get overwhelmingly large.

Through this mechanism, when you need to restore a file, you can select the exact date you need and even preview the file before restoring it!

Can Backup4Sure backup to CD-R or CD-RW discs?

Yes. The Standard Edition of Backup4Sure can create CD-R and CD-RW discs and even span backups across multiple discs.

Does Backup4Sure backup all the source files every time it is run?

Depending on how it is configured, Backup4Sure can detect whether a backup even needs to be performed. In the case of folder backups, Backup4Sure can backup only the files that need to be backed up. However, in ZIP backups, all files need to be backed up if one is out of date.

Can I specify include and exclude filters?

Yes. In both the Lite Edition and Standard Edition of Backp4Sure, you can specify the types of files you would like to backup. For example, you can select to backup only Microsoft Word and Excel documents by including a filter of "*.doc; *.xls". In the Standard Edition of Backup4Sure, you can also specify filters to exclude certain file types from your backup. So, an exclude filter of "*.tmp; *.~*" will exclude temporary files from the backup.

Does Backup4Sure perform file checksums on files?

Yes. In both the Lite Edition and Standard Edition of Backp4Sure the program will generate a unique fingerprint of each backup source file using the md5 algorithm and store this information until a subsequent backup is performed. When the files are backed up again, Backup4Sure will check the current checksum against what it expects it to be and will alert you if the file is corrupted. This ensures that you will not overwrite your backups with corrupted files.

What drives are supported by Backup4Sure?

Please click here to see our supported drives list.

Can I backup open files?

A product developed by ST Bernard Software called Open File Manager will allow you to backup open system files, Microsoft Outlook personal folder files, etc. while they are still in use. Backup4Sure has been tested with this software and is fully compatible. For more information, please visit:

How do I purchase a license?

You may purchase a license with a credit card online or send us a check or money order for the appropriate amount depending on your license. For details on pricing, please visit the Order Page.

What type of license do I need to purchase?

If you are the only person that will be using Backup4Sure at your company or organization, then you only need to purchase a Single User License. The same applies even if you have Backup4Sure installed on multiple computers but are the only person using it. If there are multiple people in your organization that are using Backup4Sure, you need to purchase a license that accomodates all these users.

Which edition of Backup4Sure is best for me?

The two editions of Backup4Sure are almost identical except for the fact that the Standard Edition allows you to create CD-R and CD-RW backups. For more feature comparisons, please see the Features page.

What is the upgrade policy?

If you purchase a license for Backup4Sure, you are allowed free updates for the corresponding edition for the same minor version. For example, if you own version 1.0, and version 1.2 is released, you will receive the update free. If you would like to purchase version 2.0, you will need to purchase a new license, but at a discount which will be decided upon by EtalonSoft.

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