System Tools and Utilities


Backup4Sure is a powerful, easy to use backup program that makes your backups quick and reliable. It allows you to protect your files and folders from hardware failure or accidental erasures.


This FTP utility has features such as keep alive, connection delays, local and remote file searching and much more. Free trial version allows connections 150 sites before it expires.


File manager similar to Windows Explorer. Contains features such as find/replace within files, file and directory tagging in multiple directories, directory comparisons and much more.


Simple desktop program that sits on the icon tray next to your clock. As soon as you click on it, a menu pops up with all your desktop items, alphabetically sorted. Comes with setup program

Text Convert

A program that converts Latin text to Cyrillic and vice versa. It sits on the icon tray and has its own defined conversion factors.


Music/Audio Tools


Allows you to decode all those mp3 files you have downloaded into WAV format, from which you can burn then on a CD. This is quite a popular mp3 tool and is listed on the 50 most popular mp3 utilities on ZDNet.

Mp3Decode Plus

Mp3Decode Plus takes the popular Mp3Decode freeware to a new level, by letting you burn all your mp3s to multiple CD sets. It has built in support for CD-R and CD-RW drives.


A very fast mp3 player featuring playlists and equalizer. Version 2.0 is coming soon which will learn which songs you like most and play them most often, have a skinnable interface, play directories, and lots more. Stay tuned.

Educational Software

SAT® Vocab Preparation

DOS program that includes over 1,200 words that the SAT makers often use and tests you on them. Those words that you have trouble with can be saved to a text file which you can print and study at your leisure.

English - Bulgarian Dictionary

An English - Bulgarian dictionary containing over 15,000 words. When a word in the definition box is double clicked, that Bulgarian word is searched throughout the dictionary in order to find another occurrence of it.



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