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StarFTP may well be one of the best ftp programs out there. You may download a shareware version of the program from this page. It will allow you to connect to 150 sites before it expires.

Last release: v1.3 31 July 2000.


  • Local and remote file searching
  • Database builder. Allows you to build a database of all the files on your favorite sites for quick reference.
  • Synchronize folders. Allows you to manage your web sites more efficiently, by checking whether files are missing or not up to date.
  • Smart keep alive connection. If there are more than 30 seconds of inactivity, StarFTP keeps the server busy to avoid a timeout.
  • Local and remote directory bookmarks
  • Transfer scheduler. Allows you to periodically perform common transfers.
  • A friendly ftp guide that gives you tips on how to get started
  • An update checker that lets you know when updates are available
  • Much, much more.

Pricing and Ordering

The registered version of StarFTP does not expire and entitles you to FREE updates for the same major version number. For example, if you own version 1.0 and version 1.1 is released you can download the update FREE! So why wait? Order now!

If you would like to buy the complete version that does not expire and provides you with free updates for the same version number, please register online by clicking on the image below. RegNet accepts all major credit cards such as Master Card, American Express, etc.

Or send a check or money order of $24.00 (US Currency) made payable to Louka Dlagnekov, to the following address:


15885 Caminito Aire Puro
San Diego, CA 92128

Please indicate on your payment whether you would like to receive your product ID be e-mail or regular mail.

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