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WinTree is a file manager similar to Windows Explorer. It contains features such as find/replace within files, file and directory tagging in multiple directories, directory comparisons and more.

Last release: v3.05; 11 June, 2001.


  • Advanced searching with finding and replacing of text within multiple files.
  • Powerful rename feature that gives you control over renaming a bunch of files.
  • Comparison of files and directories
  • Verify feature that checks whether files can successfully be read after copy operations etc.
  • Custom viewing interface with horizontal and vertical split screens allow you to drag and drop / compare files quickly and easily.
  • File and directory tagging for quick access
  • Much, much more.



Pricing and Ordering

WinTree is freeware and can be freely distribute without cost, provided it is not changed in any way.

Bugs / Suggestions

Unfortunately, we no longer provide support for this product. It is only available for download.


Click here to download. (1,220 KB)





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